My Story

In 1980, while teaching in the Agri-Business School with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, my pursuit of outside professional development led to a successful career in the strategy consulting field.

Serving, teaching and coaching others was always something I was passionate about and I knew consulting with companies would be a perfect fit since it would be a great way to enhance the classroom environment with the students I served.

Many of the lessons learned from my research, personal leadership philosophies and client experiences strengthened many of the courses within the School of Agri-Business, including Strategic Management, Leadership, and Marketing.

I’m grateful for being able to have a strategy consulting practice and for the long-standing relationships with clients. The experiences enhanced my students’ experience at Cal Poly, improved my family’s lifestyle and positively impacted a multitude of people within the companies I served throughout the Country.

God Bless,

Jack Herlihy

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