Strategic Business Planning

Strategic planning is one of the most widely used management tools in the world. The Herlihy Group has proven, as evidenced by our loyal client base, that we can help companies effectively and efficiently use the planning tool to build a lasting competitive advantage.

Our planning systems and facilitation techniques enable our clients to get the most out of every planning engagement.

Those we serve benefit from our annual planning frameworks and systems because they are based on practical wisdom and led by strategy consultants with decades of hands on experience. We provide an environment for teams to have meaningful discussions that result in relevant initiatives foundational to long-term success.

It is vital for companies to integrate a planning system that allows leadership to generate a deeper understanding of the culture required to execute a well thought out strategic plan. Our facilitation techniques and guidance during the process is founded on timeless principles allowing teams to better align performance logic with the behavioral science. This improved alignment results in stronger collaboration and accountability towards getting results.

Core to the purpose of strategy, a winning game plan will distance a company from the competition and strengthen relevancy with customers. This plan brings definition to the most important initiatives and activities required to advance the company towards the vision. Our clients benefit from having strategic planning facilitators that have decades of experience in dealing with all success factors that impact company performance.

The Herlihy Group’s 12 month strategic planning framework improves clarity, strengthens collaboration and fosters accountability towards a common goal.

Board Services

Board members play a critical role in providing direction and ensuring proper oversight. Board input and decision making will impact company strategic decision making. We work with our clients to ensure there are minimal disconnects between board decision making and the company’s strategic plan.

The Herlihy Group provides board services unique to each client’s situation. Examples of board engagements primarily involve the facilitation of board strategic planning engagements involving key members of senior management team or facilitation of strategic discussions.

Family Succession Planning

Our family succession planning services are centered on helping family owned businesses protect, manage and enhance the family assets. All family owned companies are vastly unique, but face many of the same issues involving consensus, succession, allocation of resources, relationships. The Herlihy Group’s process leads to more meaningful discussions pursuant to the unique challenges related to decision making and succession planning.

Leadership Development

Companies committed to high performance recognize the importance of developing people while they are developing the business. The Herlihy Group equips clients with a business planning approach to leadership development. Our customized programs are designed to meet the unique and individual needs of each participant. Our programs are focused on providing individuals with specific leadership development action plans, as well as job strategies to increase the profitability of the company.

The Herlihy Group also provides strategic job planning services which is a process that that helps managers and staff think more strategically about individual functions. Replacing traditional job descriptions and annual reviews, this interactive workshop focuses on both the individual's role within the company and the individual’s longer-term career goals.

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